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Carry On  

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ABOUT CARRY ON - From Sahara…

Carry On, is a video/song/book project, that was created to inspire us all to go forward and build a better world here and into the stars, no matter the odds. 


As I welcomed my son to this planet, I thought about all the challenges we will all face together, as a nation and as a planet.  I was inspired by all the beauty and love that a single day can bring.


I wrote Carry On to remind my son and everyone out there, that through our darkest days we must Carry On. We do so because our world depends on the responsibility we take for each other and our planet.


Artistically, I was inspired the subject of space. Growing up, I was devastated the day we lost the Challenger. I recall holding a small model of the Space Shuttle Challenger in my pocket and watching it on a classroom monitor as it blew up.


It was like watching a beautiful collective dream blow up and turn into a nightmare right before my eyes. It was a moment that defined my life and the way I looked at my place in the universe.


Time passed and I watched brave men and women rebuild and Carry On.


Throughout my life, I have traveled the world and have been blessed with the honor of seeing some of God’s most beautiful treasures, and beautiful creations that came from the dreams of humanity.  Through these adventures, I have learned that every single person has the ability to contribute their own verse to the story that defines us as a collective, as we search to understand our place in the Universe.


I have learned that love is the most powerful force that defines us and that we can Carry On and progress life on Earth and off this planet everyday, generation after generation, because love is the reason we rise.

My greatest wish is that this song and video will inspire everyone watching, as well as my son to contribute their talents and abilities to progress life forward for the good of all men, women, children, plant and animal.


One of our greatest superpowers is the ability to inspire and communicate. As an Artist I am honored that I have been blessed with words that I hope will inspire future generations to progress Aerospace discoveries and travel.


THANK YOU -  To everyone who helped make Carry On possible.


“Someday we will all know our place in the heavens, until then make the impossible possible!”

Thank you to my son Kai, Andy Paolella, Keith Sterling, Cevana Palmer, Quintin Palmer, Brittney Cervero, Rosa Navas, Nikki Antonio, Tasho, Caesar, Joe, Roberta, and my beautiful family and friends - Diego Martinez from Delphian, NASA, Daniel Newmyer at Space Center Houston. The Yuri’s Night Team, Lisa Giardino and Ami Blachowiak who taught me, “This life is not for the weak, our hearts are built to be strong!”  


A special thank you to the Space Foundation for awarding AIXA Media the opportunity to attend the 2019 Space Symposium to explore all the creative business possibilities in Aerospace. - Space Foundation Scholarship

Thank you to all the men and women of NASA, as well as men like Richard Branson, igniting Space Tourism, Elon Musk reaching toward Mars, perfecting sustainable methods of energy, Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, Astronauts Eileen Collins, Samantha Cristoforetti and so many others around the world who put their blood, sweat and tears to progress our planet forward.


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Songwriter / Lyricist

Sahara Martinez, is a Songwriter / Lyricist who has toured the world as a professional entertainer to bring music to the US Troops Stationed oversees. She is an artist whose writing touches depth and sensitivity of our shared experiences. She creates songs with lyrical content that are insightful and inspiring for artists in the Pop, Rock and Top 40 music genres. She is also a marketing professional who has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to deliver award winning marketing campaigns and execute successful travel events and promotions around the world.



Keith Sterling, Victory Recorders has designed, mixed and composed music for independent and short films, installations, apps and advertising spots for top brands such as Toyota, Chevy, Proctor and Gamble as well as hundreds of other projects. His work has earned multiple awards around the world.


Cevana Palmer, is a videographer who leads a production team out of Los Angeles, CA. For over 6 years Cevana and her team have worked to document and produce a variety of video projects around the world including Aerospace, music, wedding and corporate videos. She is co-founder along with Quintin Palmer of the lifestyle brand Dipped.

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