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Introducing The Ugly Truckling: The Story of My Cybertruck

A heartwarming and educational tale about a young girl discovering the true value of a modern marvel.


When a dad brings home a Cybertruck, his daughter is less than impressed. With its unconventional and futuristic appearance, the truck seems like an ugly duckling in a world of familiar cars. But as the little girl begins to learn more about the Cybertruck's capabilities and its potential to help the world, she begins to see it in a whole new light.

Follow along as the girl embarks on a thrilling adventure with her dad and the Cybertruck, discovering all the amazing things this high-tech vehicle can do. From its incredible towing power to its sustainable energy source, the Cybertruck proves to be an impressive machine that can make a real difference in the world.

With stunning illustrations and a compelling storyline, "The Ugly Truckling: A Cybertruck Story" is a must-read for kids of all ages. It's a story that teaches important lessons about acceptance, innovation, and the power of technology to create positive change. So, whether you're a fan of trucks or simply looking for a fun and inspiring story, don't miss out on this exciting new book!

About the book...

Diego Martinez

Diego Martinez_Cjpg.jpg

Tharushi Nanayakkra


Diego Martinez, is an award-winning educator of Ute Native American and Spanish descent from the San Luis Valley in Colorado. He unfolds an engaging tale of a young girl's initial hesitations about her father's Cybertruck, which steadily transitions into admiration. Drawing from his extensive experience as a STEAM educator and enriched by his deep cultural heritage, Diego crafts a narrative about the use of physics, engineering, and the charm of innovation when its used to improve the quality of life. Beyond storytelling, he's also designing an educational curriculum introducing the world to one of the first flying cars, the Samson Switchblade. The goal is to improve the rate of pilot education and launch a real flying car. 


As the Cybertruck showcases its innovations, it parallels Martinez's mission to ignite the enthusiasm of budding intellects. Alongside these pursuits, Martinez is spearheading the launch of an innovative school in Denver, CO, called Five Points Academy rooted in Study Technology. This school will prepare young minds for a future where any of their educational pursuits are possible. Dive into this lively journey where youthful curiosity meets the horizon of a brighter, sustainable future.



Tharushi Nanayakkra, graduated in 2022 with a bachelor in science from the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, and currently works as a freelance children's book illustrator. She started traditional hand-drawn illustrations in her childhood and began illustrating digitaly in 2018.

Her favorite mediums to work with are watercolor and colored pencils. She loves to draw any children's illustrations and her favourite is creating magical and whimsical illustrations with lighting accents and unique details.


Her inspiration comes from her daily life, surroundings, childhood memories, fantasy imaginations, and other artists' works. She is an avid reader who enjoys books of many genres. Her dream is to create a world-famous brand through "Dabi's Diary", while working with new authors to bring their stories to life and continue to grow and inspire others.


Follow Tharushi's art journey on Instagram @dabis_diary and

Tel: 818-913-8635

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